1. Martha

From the recording In This Together

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The Joker’s wild, the preacher smiles, the brakeman’s quite insane
I cannot find the engineer, I can’t get off this train
The brakeman says don’t be concerned, they’re bound to clear the tracks
The only ones who get run down are those that turn their backs

The Joker says to hell with them, the preacher he concurs
The brakeman says just clear their heads, and fill them up with words
The engineer has left a note, says wake me if it rains
Be sure to shine the 99, don’t let them stop this train

The engineer cannot be found, the Joker takes control
The preacher starts to speak in rhymes; the brakeman shovels coal
A passenger reveals his badge – a captain from the Corps
He claims to know just who I am, and what I would die for

Martha died alone, the last one of her kind, nevermore to fly again
Parrots in the pines, all the way to Carolina,
We will never know their kind again
The eagle screams, the buffalo dreams, a red moon fades to black
The stars are nearly gone, and come the crimson dawn
Nothing but the song of wheels on the track
Raise a cup of tears to the engineer
There is no turning back
Never saw the signs, a truth as old as time
There is no going back

This train is full of passengers, the fields are full of pigeons
The preacher’s prayers are full of death, the Joker’s got religion
The engineer has left a note, says wake me if it rains
Be sure to shine the 99
Don’t let them stop this train