1. July Carol

From the recording In This Together

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July Carol

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July Carol

The sound of a 12-string guitar on the wind
On a warm afternoon in July
Clear in the distance a caroler’s Christmas songs winging their way to the sky
Songs I remember from every December that always meant winter to me
Seemed strangely at home as they flew on the fair summer breeze

I followed the sound, couldn’t stop ‘til I found
In the shade of an old dogwood tree
Singing and playing guitar was a man, looked a little like you and like me
He sang of a star overhead of a stable, and wise ones who came from the east
He sang of the heralds who sang of the birth of a boy who would be prince of peace

He sang of angels, shepherds, and kings, peace and love and joy
Men and women soon drew near, and with them girls and boys
Many knew the words, many knew the music, and many a song we did sing
And then that old 12-string guitar broke a string

I sat and talked with him, while he changed the string
We spoke of wintry feelings these Christmas carols bring
I asked him why he sang them now, he said why do you not
Their message clear for all the year must never be forgot

Let us sing these Christmas songs and live them all year long
Words of love and peace we all remember
Good will to all is not just for December
Peace on Earth was meant to be forever

Let us sing these Christmas songs and live them all year long
Words of joy and peace and mercy mild
Angels heralding, newborn child
Love’s pure light in everybody’s smile
Love’s pure light in everybody’s smile